Pro Tip: Customise Your Approval Process

With Rivuu you can completely customise your content approval process to fit the needs of your brand or client’s organisational structure. Each account can have it’s own unique workflow, with as many steps and transitions as you like. Watch this video tutorial on how to adapt or build your own social media content approval workflow, or follow the steps described below.

When defining our content approval workflow we can decide on the steps we need need to take to get a post from conception to publication, and also the process for transitioning between those steps.

You can think of transitions as being essentially the buttons on any page of your content approval process. For example, on my “Create Content” page I have two transitions, and therefore two buttons. You can see in the screenshot that the “Send to Designer” button passes the post on to the “Create Graphic” stage for my designer to add an image, and the “Schedule” button bypasses the other steps, allowing me to schedule a piece of content without sending it through the whole approval process.

I can also define who is allowed to transition content at any stage. Any users with Admin or Super-Admin status will be able to use all transitions, but standard users can be assigned specific permissions. Standard users that you add to any given stage of your content approval process will automatically be permitted to use the transition buttons at that stage of the workflow. You can edit this by changing the settings for any individual transition.

For example, if I wanted to add an additional transition/button to my internal “Review Graphic” step, allowing me to override the community manager and approve content myself, I can open up this stage of the workflow and click to Add a Transition.

First we should give our transition a name, in this case “Override”, and then define where the content should be sent when a user clicks on the button. I want to be able to send through to the client for review, so I will choose the “Review Client” stage of my approval workflow.

Finally we can decide who is allowed to use our new button. In this case I will add myself as the only user with permission to override the community manager at this stage. As mentioned before, any users with admin access will automatically have permission to use all transitions, making this final step for me unnecessary, as I am the account admin.

In addition to new transitions, we can add entirely new stages to our workflow. Let’s add a new stage of content review, for a brand manager viewing the content before it is sent to a client.

Click on add step, and then give it a name. Then use the up and down arrows to put the stage at the right point in the approval workflow.


Next, change the step layout to the right page type. In this case I’m going to use “Review Graphic” and then select an appropriate icon.


Once your content approval stage is at the right point in your workflow, named and styled correctly, just add the transitions you want to have on the review page, and decide where content at this stage should be sent. In this case I’m going to add an “Approve” transition that sends content on to the “Client Review” stage, and a “Reject” transition that sends the content back to the “Graphic Reject” stage to be reviewed by the the community manager and graphic designer.

Don’t forget if you add a new step you will have to change the previous stage’s transitions to ensure that it is not bypassed in your approval workflow. In this example I have to edit the “Review Graphic” stage to progress content on to the new “Review Brand Manager” step, rather than sending it directly to the client for approval.


Approval workflows can be built entirely from scratch following this logic. Like any basic reasoning puzzle, piecing together the steps in the right way can get a little complicated, but fear not as our support team are hear to help you.

Get in touch and one of our account managers will patiently discuss your approval workflow, and internal processes to ensure that your content approval process in Rivuu is the perfect fit for your business.

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